Apply for credit and withdraw immediately Apply for your 300 Euro credit and receive it on the day the application is submitted. No influence on Schufa score A loan request from Simon Legree does not affect the Schufa score Extend the term by installment option The installment option extends your installment and gives you time to repay.


300 euros immediately on the account


300 euros immediately on the account

You need immediately 300 euros? With the 300 Euro Simon Legree Credit, you benefit from short terms and favorable terms with fast payout. Our various options are tailored to your specific needs: The installment option allows you to extend the term of your loan if you need more time to repay it. The Express option allows you to withdraw within 60 minutes of your request, provided the request has reached us by 3pm. If you book the package – credit certificate, you can borrow a loan from Simon Legree despite the medium score, thanks to our own developed credit rating. This has been specially developed for short-term loans. For the evaluation of the score, the system is based on the experience of small credit customers in terms of their repayment behavior. Since our loans are regulated by the BaFin state, our instant loans are reliable and secure.

Just borrow 300 euros of credit online


How do I apply for the loan?

The application for a loan can be completed online. The loan calculator helps you determine the term and the loan amount. If the term is changed, the loan calculator automatically calculates the interest to be paid. If you enter the amount “Apply now”, the system automatically guides you through the individual steps. If you have selected the additional package “Express Option” and have uploaded all necessary documents before 3 pm, you can use your 300 Euro credit within the next 60 minutes .

Repayment with individual term

 Repayment with individual term

When do I have to repay the loan?

Apply for the loan without additional options, the term is up to 30 days. If you choose the installment option, the term will double to up to 60 days, so you can easily repay the loan in two installments.

Upload evidence online fast


Do I need proof of income for the loan?

To borrow the money you need proof of a regular minimum income of 500 Euro. This proof must be submitted individually by bank statement, proof of income or tax receipt.

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