The divorce credit to deal with unexpected expenses…

The divorce credit to deal with unexpected expenses...

To love oneself is to build. It is moving forward together in one direction. A house, car (s), renovations, a personal loan here, a goal loan, and you’re both leading a nice little package of credits. However, when everything stops, you must still honor your common debts, not to mention that a divorce procedure can sometimes prove itself very expensive…

Get out of these complicated moments with the divorce credit!

Precision : the divorce credit, as the name suggests, allows to deal with related costs and earned by a legal separation at the end of a marriage. Nevertheless, it also applies to pure and simple separations, for which there is no question of divorce, given the non-existence of a marriage.

During the year 2015, no less than 24,000 Belgian couples divorced. To this important number, however, it is necessary to add the separations of unmarried couples… If we must celebrate love and continue to believe in him, all couples do not necessarily manage to cope with the winds and tides…

A divorce: how much does it cost?

A divorce: how much does it cost?

If a marriage requires a certain budget, do you think that it is the same for the divorce… According to whether it is agreed by both parties or not, the amounts can vary from double to more, or even more… Count between 2,000 and 15,000 €.

Since everyone does not necessarily have such a sum at time, the divorce credit is therefore a relatively valuable help.

Loans and divorce: how does it work?

Loans and divorce: how does it work?

A divorce generates a lot of questions. Do you want to know what will happen to loans taken jointly at the end of your divorce (or separation)? Similarly for loans made individually? Let’s try to see more clearly.

  • You were cohabitants of law or of fact

In the context of a de jure or de facto cohabitation, each partner is responsible for the debts he has himself subscribed. However, if a credit, made by you or not, has been taken out to meet the needs of family life, you and your partner then become responsible for this debt in solidarity.

  • You were married under the legal regime

The legal regime is the regime to which you submit unless otherwise stated. He distinguishes common and personal heritage. When a divorce occurs, only the common heritage is shared between the two parties. All debts incurred during the marriage are included in the common heritage and thus divided in two.

  • You were married under the separation of property regime

Under the segregation of assets regime, each party is responsible for its own debts and owns its own property. Except when a credit has been signed with both hands, all the credits subscribed by one or the other, remain the property of one or the other, whatever is the nature.

  • You are married under the community of property regime

The community of property regime provides that all debts incurred before or during the marriage are included in the common heritage and therefore distributed equitably between the two parties.

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