Request a signature loan no credit check 

Why apply for a signature loan no credit check? If we need money urgently, a signature loan no credit check is a quite feasible option, at least because we get an immediate response and the money entered into account as soon as possible. In general terms, fast loans mostly have a series of common characteristics that can be summarized as follows:

  • Without changing banks and without having to hire any additional products.
  • Credits for any purpose: between 500 and 15,000 EUR.
  • 100% online application: they require your signature in writing once you have accepted the contract.
  • Settlement in monthly installments depending on the amount requested and the repayment terms
  • Possibility of withdrawal and early cancellation.
  • Instant response and money transfer from 24 to 48h.
  • Requirements: reside in Spain, be of legal age and provide the data required in the application. Demonstrate or not regular income and be or not included in the Asnef, depends on each entity.

Let’s start at the beginning: what are loans?

Here comes the million-dollar question, fast loans and mini-loans are not the same? Well, despite the ambiguous terminology, the truth is that most entities are beginning to differentiate between the two products:

  • Mini-loans: these are small loans (no more than 900 EUR) to be settled in short repayment periods. As a general rule, the full amount (including interest) is returned at the end of the contract (one time only). They can be requested online relatively easily, even when they are on delinquent lists, and the money is consigned instantly (to the applicant’s account). The main disadvantage is the very high interest to be paid to obtain a mini-loan since when dealing with products that bear a high risk of default, the average interest is usually 2000% APR.
  • Fast loans: these are large loans (reaching EUR 15,000) to be settled over long periods of time (years). They are requested entirely online in a simple process and an answer is usually obtained instantly. They are more flexible loans, and the applicant may be unemployed or included in some list of delinquents (since, for example, half of Spain is in Asnef due to the scams of well-known telephone companies). The main disadvantage is the high interest paid, compared to a personal bank loan. Although in no case are they high as mini-credits, the APR is usually around 200% to 800%.

Payday loan Comparator

Personal Loan Comparator

Before applying for a Payday loan, it is always advisable to compare and take into account the possibilities offered by the market: loans without payroll, without collateral, with low interest, for any purpose, etc. Personal bank loans usually offer up to EUR 30,000 with an average APR of around 11%; In our comparator, you can calculate which loan will be cheaper according to the amount and the terms you choose

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